Java Fuzzy Editor


Welcome to the Java Fuzzy Editor webpage.

The Java Fuzzy Editor (javafuzzyed) is a Java based Fuzzy Logic Editor aimed more at the editing and creating fuzzy rules rather than the actual implmentation of fuzzy logic code. That is it is designed more as an editor of fuzzy logic rules than as a fuzzy logic machine to be used in a fuzzy logic system

Having said that, the editor will be able to save fuzzy rules to generic source code for a number of different languages that can be used within a fuzzy system

It can load and save in a number of different fuzzy logic formats, and it is fairly straight forward to add more formats.

The aim is to have a free fuzzy logic editor that can be comparable to FuzzyTechs.


Currently javafuzzyed is in development and no actual code has (yet) been put to CVS.

In actuality, the frame work of the system is almost complete. Basic FCL format can be loaded and displayed as well as edited.

This part should be complete soon - stay tuned for screen shots.

Want to help?

Help on opensource projects is always welcome, so if you think you want to help, know you want to help, or even wish you could help, let me know!.
Last modified 4th June 2006.